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  • Vibration & Alignment Analyser

    Why do you measure vibration? How do you measure vibration?<br />After you measure what do you think is the problem? Bearing problem? Shaft Misalignment? Motor problem? Load problem? What is the problem and Where is the problem?<br /><br /><br />The Importance of Motor Shaft Alignment. ... Incorrect alignment occurs when the centerlines of the motor and the driven equipment shafts are not in line with each other. Misalignment produces excessive vibration, noise, coupling- and bearing-temperature increases, and premature failure of bearings, couplings or shafts. <br /><br />Our <em><strong><a href="">Fluke 810 Vibration Tester</a></strong></em> is the most advanced troubleshooting tool for mechanical maintenance teams who need an answer now. The unique diagnostic technology helps you quickly identify and prioritize mechanical problems, putting the expertise of a vibration analyst in your hands.<br /><br />Fluke 830 Laser Shaft Alignment Tool performs the complicated alignment calculations for you, meaning you'll have the answers you need to quickly align your machine and get your plant up and running fast. An enhanced user interface provides easy to understand results that don't require extensive alignment knowledge and the unique "All-in-One" result screen that shows you both coupling results and feet corrections (vertical and horizontal) in real terms making it easy to take corrective action.<br /><br />Use Our <em><strong><a href="">Thermal Imager</a></strong></em> for an overview if your Motor Temperature!
  • Mechanical Measuring Tools

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