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Power Quality Analyzer

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Power quality: Analyzers, meters, recorders, loggers
Whether you’re in an industrial plant, manufacturing facility or a utility, Fluke Power Quality and energy management tools are designed to assist in capturing the power quality and energy data needed to maintain the best performance and reliability. These tools make it possible to identify your power quality and energy efficiency issues with easy and effective recording and analysis. Available accessories like the Fluke PQ400 Electrical Measurement Window can even enable you to make three phase measurement connections without the need to open the panel door or utilize supplemental PPE.

This allows you to quickly take measurements whenever you need to—without worrying about downtime. Flexible and powerful software is also included with every Fluke Power Quality and Energy Analysis tool, allowing you visibility to valuable insights about the performance of your electrical system.

Power quality analyzers and troubleshooters
Three-phase power quality analyzers are ideal for power quality testing, troubleshooting, logging, and creating detailed reports in conjunction with the easy-to-use PowerLog-430 software. Fluke 434-II, Fluke 453-IIFluke 438-II & Fluke Norma series

Precision power analyzers
From testing the performance of transformers, lighting or switching electronics, Fluke high-precision power analyzers have the highest accuracy and can handle the most difficult waveforms. Norma 4000 , Norma 5000 , Norma 6000 Portable Power Analyzer

Need a long term logger to understand the behaviour of your power system, check out our power logger here!

Using Thermal Imaging Cameras for Electrical Inspections
Abnormal heating associated with high resistance or excessive current flow is the main cause of many problems in electrical systems. Infrared thermography allows us to see these invisible thermal signatures of impending damage before the damage occurs. When current flows through an electric circuit, part of the electrical energy is converted into heat energy. Use our Thermal imager to do the job!

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