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Digital Multimeters - is one of our best seller in CETM. Regardless of any application from measuring to verification to troubleshooting. Portable or bench, we have the right multimeter that suits your application.

Fluke Multimeter is one of our best selling multimter in CETM. CETM is the Authorised Distributor for FLUKE in Singapore. Fluke Corporation is the best multimeter brand. They have been putting out solid measurement devices for generations and continue to innovate and push the envelope. Fluke Multimeter are portable, rugged and reliable. They hard-wearing, they are also very safe, where attention to detail is focused as much on the inside as it is out. Safety is paramount with Fluke. Their devices are well tested and feature very good input protection to shield the meter and user from surges and spikes.

Other than Fluke Multimeters, we also carry affordable brands like Extech and not forgetting our in house Acision.

Get your Multimeter calibrated by our In-House Calibration Laboratory!

Any other meters which you need to get your job done faster? Get a Voltage detector and Clamp meter for a fast and efficient

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