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Acision VM6380 Vibration Meter

Acision VM6380

Used for measuring periodic motion, to check the imbalance and deflecting of moving machinery. 

Specifically designed for present measuring various mechanical vibration. So as to provide the data for the quality control run time and equipment upkeep.  VM-6830 can shown 3 same parameters in one display for 3 dimensional measurement. 

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Key features 

  • With the detection of 3 dimensions, 3D vibration meter VM-6380 is the most scientific, comprehensive vibration meter in vibration detection field.
  • In accordance with ISO 2954, used for periodic measurements, to detect out of balance, misalignment and other mechanical faults in rotation machines.
  • Specially designed for easy on site vibration measurement of all rotating machinery for quality control, commissioning, and predictive maintenance purpose.
  • Individual high quality acceleromtere for accurate ad repeatable measurements. 
  • Wide frequency range (10Hz-10kHz) in acceleration mode. 
  • Optional headphones for use as electronic stethoscope.
  • Use RS-232 data output to connect with PC.
  • Provide Bluetooth data output choice.
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Acision VM6380
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