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PCE-T 420 High Accurate 4-Channel Temperature Data Logger

PCE-T 420

The 4-channel temperature data logger for thermocouples allows for the display and archiving of multiple temperature sensors simultaneously. It can be connected to up to 8 different types of thermocouples. Notably, the data logger offers high accuracy, especially with Type K thermocouples, with an accuracy of Type K ± (0.04% of reading + 0.3 K).

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Key Features:

 Measurement range from -200 to +1800 °C

- High accuracy of ± (0.04% of reading + 0.3 K) for Type K

- Compatibility with 8 thermocouple types

- Thermocouple types K, J, S, R, E, T, N, B

- Storage for 10 million measurement values

- Adjustable alarm limits

- 4 input channels

The measurement overview of the 4-channel temperature data logger provides a quick overview of the 4 displayed temperatures. Another view displays the maximum, minimum, and average values since the start of measurement. Additionally, each channel can be compared with all other channels, showing the current measurement value of the channel and the difference from the reference channel. The 4-channel temperature data logger can store up to 100 data sets, each with a maximum of 100,000 readings. Adjustable alarm thresholds for upper and lower temperature values can highlight measurements in red. Using the included PC software, data stored by the 4-channel temperature data logger can be imported, graphically represented, analyzed, and archived.

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PCE-T 420
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