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PCE-BTM 2000 Belt Tension Meter

PCE-BTM 2000

Belt tension meter for fast and accurate measurement of belt tension

Memory for 750 measured values / graphic display / easy operation / multilingual menu / measurement in Hz and N

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The belt tension meter is an optically measuring maintenance tool for determining the belt tension force. This belt tension meter consists of a display device and a sensor head attached on a semi-flexible gooseneck. The advantage of the gooseneck is that the sensor head can be flexibly positioned. Due to the mobility of the gooseneck, the sensor can measure the strand force even in hard to reach places. The belt tension measuring device measures the belt tension (in Newton) and the belt frequency (in Hz) of the belt in the stationary state.

The main advantage of the belt tension meter is not only that it helps to detect the faults and prevents failures, it may also be used for checking the correctness of the installation before commissioning. Thus, before the equipment gets started, the check by means of the belt tension meter is a reliable confirmation that the machine will run flawlessly in compliance with the regulations. The data received with the help of the meter may be saved and used as a norm-sample during the regular maintenance checks later.

- Measurement of the oscillation frequency of the drive belt

- Intuitive controls

- Calculation of the tension force

- Display of the belt tension in N

- 6 menu languages

- Memory for 750 measured values

- Sensor on gooseneck

- Input of belt length and belt mass

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PCE-BTM 2000
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