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Acision IBS700 Industrial Borescope


The Acision IBS700 series comes with a 5.1-inch HD display that can be replaced with for a smaller 3.5-inch monitor to meet various inspection needs. The monitor and probe can be separated with a push of one button. It is compatible with tubes of various diameters, including 1.8mm, 2.2mm, 2,8mm, 3.9mm, and 6mm as well as sideview camera of 3.9mm, 6mm and dual lens camera.

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Key Features

  • High temperature alarm function
  • Joystick to control 360 degrees, articulating in full directions
  • x8 Zoom feature
  • 8 Hours battery with real-time indication

The different types of IBS700 Models

IBS700 Models Probe Diameter (mm) Length Articulation Camera View
IBS718 Φ1.8 1m Fixed / No Articulation Fixed
IBS722 Φ2.2 1m or 1.5m 2 - way articulation Fixed
IBS728 Φ2.8 1m or 1.5m 360 degrees Fixed
IBS739 Φ3.9 1m to 5m 360 degrees Fixed or Single
IBS760 Φ6.0 1m to 10m 360 degrees Fixed, Single or Dual

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