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ECOM SM1P Intrinsically Safe Bluetooth® Headset Series


The intrinsically safe ecom headsets SM1P enable high noise two way radio, bluetooth, headset to headset communication and face to face communication in hazardous environments that require ATEX / IECEx or CSA certification.

The headsets of the SM1P series comes in two versions:

  • SM1P-Ex: Certified for ATEX / IECEx + CSA
  • SM1P IS: Certified for CSA (NAM only)
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Users of the SM1P Intrinsically Safe headsets benefit from clear communication using its wireless capabilities as well as face-to-face communication while still protecting their hearing and remaining aware of the surrounding work environment. It's the perfect solution for your hazardous environments such as explosive chemicals and fuels as well as combustible powders. The SM1P series is the next generation, intrinsically safe headset.

The revolutionary SENS® technology by Sensear

SENS® (Speech Enhancement, Noise Suppression) takes noise cancellation to a whole new level.

By isolating and enhancing speech while reducing harmful background noise, users of the SM1P can hear speech clearly and stay protected whilst remaining aware of their surrounding in high noise environments. SENS® combines three critical benefits in one technology.

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