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Extech BR450W-D Dual HD Wireless Video Borescope

Extech BR450W-D

The BR450W-D dual HD wireless video borescope is designed to help you effortlessly inspect and diagnose with clarity and precision. Its 1280 × 720 HD resolution and dual-view 5.5 mm camera on a 1.5 m probe let you capture sharp images and videos. Easily connect to the Extech ExView app to wirelessly stream and control the video borescope. Perfect for HVAC checks, automotive repairs, and plant maintenance, this tool allows for detailed side-by-side views and multimedia recording, ensuring you have the documentation you need for any project.

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Key Features:

  • Wireless 1280 × 720 dual HD borescope with ExView app for iOS and Android
  • Use Extech ExView app on your mobile device to wirelessly stream and control the video borescope
  • 1.5 m (5 ft) probe with 5.5 mm diameter camera
  • Gesture for zoom in/out, image rotation, and LED brightness control
  • Identify, document, and share with side-by-side view, snapshots, and video / audio recording
  • Versatile, rugged, lightweight, and reliable with IP67 probe rating
  • Long lasting 5-hour battery operation
  • Ideal for building inspections (HVAC, pipes, wiring, pest control), automotive diagnostics, and plant maintenance (valves, turbines, gearboxes)

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Extech BR450W-D
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