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Megger TTRU1 Handheld Transformer Turns Radiometer


Power through transformer electromechanical tests with the new TTRU1, the latest handheld transformer turns ratiometer from Megger. Perform routine polarity validation and turn ratio tests on power, distribution, and instrument transformers.

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The TTRU1 handheld transformer turns ratiometer will exceed your expectations. It’s the ultimate productivity booster to revolutionise the way you work by offering:

  • Customisable on-screen vectors to ensure consistent setup and results interpretation
  • Reliable reporting with automatic result saving and Excel export
  • Always ready to test with over 1000 tests on a single charge
  • In-depth transformer analysis, going above and beyond turns ratio, excitation, and polarity measurements
  • Take on any size transformer with up to 250 V AC measurements
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