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Level I PD Training Introduction to Partial Discharge Testing Online Course

HVPD Level 1

Level I PD Training Online Course 

Date: Monday 7th March – Friday 11th March 2022

LIVE Q&A on Wednesday 9th March 2022

Introduction to Partial Discharge Testing

•Approx. 3 hours and 30 minutes online session

•The course will be on demand with website link and password access given to all successfully registered participants.

•Designed for anyone new to PD

•Individuals who wants to understand the fundamentals in order to detect and locate PD on their network

SGD374.50 (tax incl.)
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Our Level I & II PD training courses covers both the theoretical and practical aspects of assessing insulation risk – giving you the knowledge you need to make the best maintenance planning decisions for your network.

The On-Demand feature will be available from Monday 7th March – Friday 11th March 2022

LIVE Q&A on Wednesday 9th March 2022

To get the most out of your training, our expert PD Engineers will be available to answer your training related questions during the LIVE Q&A sessions on via the webinar platform.  This is a great chance to interact and speak to our PD Engineers.

By attending our training sessions, it will help you gain an understanding of how Partial Discharge can cause insulation failure, leading to costly unplanned outages. Each course involves a moderated examination, certified by our qualified PD engineers.

The course provides an introduction to PD, covering the basics of how and why PD begins, how we can detect and measure it using both on-line and offline test methods.

Those with HVPD Level 1 certification or some previous experience with PD can progress to Level 2.

Modules (Each module is approx. 1 hour):

•Introduction to Partial Discharge

•Overview of On line PD Testing

•Overview of Offline PD Testing

•Online Level I PD Exam

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HVPD Level 1
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