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Power Diagnostix ICMflex


With the unique concept of the ICMflex instruments, the entire acquisition hardware is placed on high voltage potential right at the position where the signals are. Thus, no signal cables are needed, as the instrument is fully self-contained and battery operated. The instrument is fully remote controlled via high speed Bluetooth or fiber optic communication.

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The ICMflex instrument family is available with different options and for different voltage levels. Additionally, the self-contained ICMflex acquisition unit can be placed on top of any third-party coupling or reference capacitor. The option TD offers tanδ and power factor (PF) measurements. The option PD provides partial discharge measurements according to the IEC 60270, whereas the option LOC includes partial discharge location for power cables. Finally, the option TF covers a high voltage T-filter to sufficiently de-noise a high voltage supply for sensitive partial discharge measurements.

The detachable Li-MH battery provides more than eight hours of continuous operation, while a second battery is charged. Any high voltage AC source can be used including resonant test sets and VLF high voltage sources.

Testing distribution-class cables in a field environment becomes an easy and inherently safe task. The ICMflex unit is simply placed between the high voltage source and the cable to be tested – no further leads required. The ICMflex unit can be equipped with a high voltage filter to accommodate noisy high voltage sources. Thus, with one unit requiring only high voltage and ground connection all essential measurements on laid power cable are performed in one step: tanδ, partial discharge, and partial discharge location.

Off-line testing of generator and motor stator coils is simplified in the same way. Using any high voltage source, the critical AC measurements on the stator coil are done simultaneously: tanδ, PF, and partial discharge.

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