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PCE-CPC 100 Particle Counter Dust Measuring Device


The state-of-the-art particle counter dust measuring device  enables precise real-time measurement in the range from 0, 3 μm to 10 μm to provide a comprehensive picture of air quality. The results are presented in two units, either number per 28.3 litres or number per cubic metre. Air sampling is performed by an internal pump. When the particles pass the light source (laser), light scattering occurs; the scattered light is converted into an electrical signal (pulse) by a photoelectric transducer, and the larger the particles, the larger the pulse signal.

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The particle counter dust measuring device  offers not only a visual but also an audible alarm function. Threshold values can be set for each channel; as soon as the predefined threshold values are exceeded, the cleanroom particle counter issues a warning. The integration of Modbus and MQTT ensures seamless integration into existing networks and enables efficient data communication. The sampling time can be set from 1 to 10 min and the pause time from 1 to 1000 min. With our real-time display of the cleanroom class according to ISO 14644-1, the particle counter dust measuring device  always provides control over the cleanliness of the environment. This function makes it possible to continuously monitor the cleanliness level and ensure that the premises meet the required standards.


  • Real-time measurement from 0.3 μm ... 10 μm
  • Output in particles/28.3L or particles/m³
  • Visual and audible alarm when threshold value is exceeded
  • Modbus RTU and MQTT via RS485
  • Real-time display of cleanroom class ISO 14644-1
  • Robust housing for wall mounting


Measuring range   0 particles/28.3 l ... 1000000 particles/28.3 litres
Measurement channel sizes   0.3, 0.5, 1.0, 5.0, 10
Counting efficiency   50 % @0.3 μm
100 % @≥0.5 μm (at 25±2 ℃, 50±10 % r.h.)
Flow rate   28.3 l/min
Measuring range   -40 °C ... +125 °C
Resolution   0.1 °C
Accuracy   ±0.2 °C (within 5 ... 60 °C)
Moisture relative  
Measurement range   0 % ... 100 %
Resolution   0.1 %
Accuracy   ±2 % v.Mw.
General technical data  
Display type   Touch display
Display size   3.5 inch
Display refresh rate   1 x per second
Interface   RS485, Ethernet
Sensor   Laser scattered light
Response time   8 s
Menu language   English, Chinese
Protection class (device)   IP30
Power supply   24 VDC, 5 A
Plug type   Protective contact plug
Weight   1495 g
Depth   87 mm
Other dimensions   Tube: inner diameter: 10 mm / length: approx. 3 m
Operating conditions   0 ... 45 °C , 0 ... 95 % r.H
Storage conditions   -20 ... 60 °C , 0 ... 95 % r.H

What's Included?

1 x particle counter dust measuring device PCE-CPC 100 1 x isokinetic probe 1 x hose approx. 3 m 1 x mains cable 1 x power supply unit 24 V / 5 A 1 x operating instructions

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