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Megger STX40 Portable cable fault locating system

Megger STX40

Fault  location  systems  have  to  meet  steep  re-quirements  to  be  considered  truly  portable  and  thus  outdoor-ready  for  use  in  the  field.  Units  must  be  lightweight,  rugged,  inured  to  hostile  and challenging environments, very mobile in ad-verse terrain and as compact in size as possible. Units must also be operable in rain as well as in very bright daylight conditions with intense sun-shine. The STX40 is the only fault locating unit in its class with such a degree of outdoor-readiness. No competitor comes even close. 

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The STX40 is weatherproof thanks to IP 43. The unit is also easily transportable in difficult terrain due to its low weight, pneumatic tyres and low center of gravity. Compared to its predecessors it weighs 80 kg (176 lbs) less. Furthermore,  the  STX40  has  a  very  wide  oper-ating  temperature  range.  No  matter  whether  a  user  is  fault  locating  somewhere  in  the  desert  in  +55°C  or  somewhere  near  the  polar  circle  in -20°C, no matter whether a user is up in the mountains at high altitudes where the air is thin-ner or somewhere in the jungle in humid or trop-ical conditions – STX is built for all climates.The sunshine-proof display is very bright and has got an anti-glare coating, keeping the user inter-face clearly visible even in intense sunshine.

Key features 

  • True portable outdoor-ready unit, IP 43
  • Very easy to use “turn&click” single rotary knob interface
  • Surge/Thump energy 2,000 Joule
  • DC testing up to 40 kV, surging/thumping up to 32 kV, burning up to 40 kV
  • Prelocation methods: Inductive ARM withMultishot, ICE and DECAY
  • Built-in safety circuits for earth connection monitoring (F-Ohm) and touch potential monitoring (F-Voltage)
  • Full TDR control of all HV functions
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Megger STX40
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