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Megger VLF SINE 45 kV Test and diagnostics system for medium-voltage cables

Megger VLF SINE 45 kV

Test and diagnostics system for medium-voltage cables

The VLF sine 45 kV with integrated tan delta is a compact, robust, and portable high-performance test and diagnostic system for medium voltage cables.

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The test system is a true all-rounder: In addition to VLF and DC testing, it can also carry out sheath tests and sheath fault pinpointing (in combination with the step voltage probe ESG NT2). In addition, the optional internal tan delta measurement allows a reliable determination of the aging condition of medium-voltage cables. The intelligent VLF system automatically adapts the test frequency to the cable length, so that even tests on 25 kV cables (up to 25 km) can be carried out easily and reliably. The operation of the system, also for tan delta measure- ments, does not require an external computer.

The VLF sine 45 kV is equipped with intuitive operating software and a large internal memory with which all data is automatically evaluated and saved. Via USB connection or wireless connection to a mobile device (coming soon), datasets can be easily exported and processed using Megger Book Lite PC software (included) for reporting. On the device itself, the user can view all measurements carried out either immediately or at a later time. DESCRIPTION The VLF system meets the highest requirements in terms of quality and stability of the test voltage.

In addition, the integrated breakdown detection and earth-loop monitoring offer the user maximum safety. The well-designed and touch-friendly user interface takes the user experience to an unprecedented level. Training time is kept to a minimum, even with the advanced cable diagnostic procedures. The system can also be used as a power source for the optional PD module, the PDS 62-SIN. This allows it to be expanded into a universal testing and diagnostics system that performs cable testing, tan delta diagnostics and partial discharge measurements.

Furthermore, the test performance of the system can be increased to a maximum of 5 μF at 0.1 Hz and 40 kVrms with the optionally available VLF CR-40-TB booster. To enable safe transport and safe storage, transport cases are available for the VLF sine 45 kV and the optionally available booster VLF CR-40-TB and PD coupler PDS 62-SIN.

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Megger VLF SINE 45 kV
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