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Acision IBS500 Industrial Borescope


ACISION IBS500series industrial Borescope allows you to inspect hard-to-reach places such as inside engines/pipes/walls/gears/pistons/tubes without the hassle to dismantle a system or a machine. 

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You can easily and quickly locate potential problems with Acision IBS500series industrial borescope. It is commonly used in automotive, HVAC, plumbing and machine maintenance and repair. Acision IBS500series borescope does not require you to download any app or require any wi-fi connections. The probe is waterproof IP67 and monitor is Rain Resistant. A flash light on the top of the monitor help enables you to use it in dark environment. Four adjustable brightness LEDs on the camera head help you inspect dark areas.

The Auto focus feature allows you switch shots from close to far away in seconds, you do not require to adjust the proper focal length. It has 5MP pixel and 2560*1920 super high resolution.

IBS500 Model Lens Length (Meter)
Acision IBS500 3.9mm Single Lens, 3 meter Borescope 3.9mm Single Lens 1m / 3m
Acision IBS500 5.5mm Single Lens, 3 meter Borescope 5.5mm Single/Dual Lens 1m / 3m
Acision IBS500 8mm Dual Lens, 1 meter Borescope 8mm Dual Lens 1m/3m/5m/15m
Acision IBS500 12.5mm Dual Lens, 1 or 3 meter Borescope Autofocus 1m / 3m

Camera Specification:

Diameter: 0.57inch (14.5 mm); Camera Probe Length:3.2ft(1m),9.8ft(3m);

Resolution: 5.0 Megapixel HD; Viewing angle: 70°

Tips: The camera sensor is 5.0 Megapixel, and the monitor only support 1.0 Megapixel snapshot.

Monitor Specification:

Screen Type: 5" Color IPS Screen,

Screen Resolution: 2560*1920; Rotation: 180°; Snapshot Resolution: 1280*720(Pixels);

Video Recording Resolution: 1280*720, 1920*1080(Pixels);

Port: Micro-USB charging port, micro SD Card Slot (Support up to 32GB card)

Other Specification:

Operating Temperature: 32°to113°F(0°to 45°C);

Power Source: 3500 mAh Rechargeable Lithium-ion Battery;

LED Flashlight: 4pcs high brightness LEDs; Max Battery Life: 2-4 hours;

Certifications: CE FCC RoHS

Charging Life: 3-4 hours (USB 5V 1A Charger NOT included);

Package Content: ACISION IBS500 digital borescope, 32GB micro-SD card (inserted in the monitor), auto focus camera probe, USB charging cable, Accessories-Hook, Mirror, Magnet, durable storage box.

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