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PCE-UV 40A Lux measuring device


The lux measuring device / lux meter is a highly developed instrument that is characterized by its versatility and precision. With its dual measurement channels, the lux measuring device / lux meter enables the simultaneous measurement of UV-A radiation and visible light. This UVA meter feature is particularly useful for applications that require comprehensive light characterization.

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The external sensor allows the lux measuring device / lux meter to be positioned flexibly in order to carry out precise measurements in different locations. This function is helpful, for example, when measuring UV lights for material testing according to the standards “EN ISO 9934-1 Non-destructive testing with magnetic powder” and “EN ISO 3059 Non-destructive testing, penetrant testing and magnetic particle testing” where precise UVA measurement is crucial. The precise measurements ensure reliable monitoring and quality assurance when processing UV-sensitive materials.

The ability to store data makes the device particularly user-friendly. Users can easily record and analyze measurement results to monitor long-term trends or document quality inspections. Overall, the UV/light meter offers a comprehensive solution for applications that require precise measurement of UV-A radiation and visible light. With its advanced features and simultaneous measurement capability, it is an indispensable tool for areas such as material testing, tanning bed control and workplace lighting control.

Key Features:

  • Two-channel measuring device UV-A and visible light
  • external sensor
  • simultaneous measurement
  • two UV-A measuring ranges up to 100 W/m²
  • Control of UV lights for material testing
  • automatic measuring range changeover 0 lx ... 10 klx
  • accurate measurement of illuminance regardless of lamp type
  • Measured value memory


Measuring range 0 lx ... 10 klx
resolution 0.1 lx
accuracy f1 ≤ 3%
Measuring range 0 W/m² ... +100 W/m²
resolution 0.01W/m²
accuracy According to EN ISO 3059 V(λ) CIE
∆λ1/10 320 – 395nm
∆λ1/2 337 – 385nm
λmax 365nm
Sλ=313nm < 5%
Sλ=405nm < 0.5%
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