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PCE-LDC 15 Ultrasonic Leak Detector


The ultrasonic leak detector is used in various areas of industry. For example, the leak detector is used on compressed air, gas, steam and vacuum systems, as well as on refrigeration systems and door seals. The working frequency of the leak detector is 40 kHz (± 2 kHz). The soundproof headphones on the leak detector ensure that it can also be used in extremely noisy environments. The leak detector is used wherever gases can escape from leaks in piping systems. The noises caused by the outflow are often in the ultrasonic range and are therefore imperceptible to the human ear.

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The ultrasonic leak detector picks up this ultrasound via the sonic funnel and converts the inaudible ultrasound into audible frequencies. The laser pointer built into the leak detector enables the leak to be precisely targeted. The leak detector's horn has been designed to be able to pick up sound waves and focus them in such a way that it acts like a directional microphone and suppresses other noise.

Key Features:

  • Working frequency 40 kHz (± 2 kHz)
  • Operating time >10 hours
  • Various attachments
  • Transport case for safe transport
  • Easy to use thanks to the touchscreen
  • Soundproof headphones
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