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PCE-TG 300 NO5/90 Ultrasonic Thickness Gauge

PCE-TG 300-NO5/90
The PCE-TG 300-NO5/90 is an ultrasonic thickness gauge with special sensors for various applications. In general, the wall thicknesses of all homogeneous materials can be measured with the thickness meter. For damping or scattering materials such as plastic or cast a special sensor is available. An angled 90° sensor also enables measurements at hard-to-reach measuring points. The speed of sound can be set freely on the thickness meter and thus adapted to a wide variety of materials.
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The measured values ​​are displayed directly on the easy-to-read TFT color display. Due to the internal memory, which can be read out via the optionally available software, different measuring points can be clearly stored. The non-destructive ultrasound measuring method enables the measurement even on end products. Thanks to the Echo-Echo working mode, even coated workpieces can be measured (only with PCE-TG 300-P5EE sensor).

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PCE-TG 300-NO5/90
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