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Extech IAQ320™ Indoor Air Quality Monitor and Datalogger

Extech IAQ320

The IAQ320 is designed to help you continuously monitor indoor air quality conditions, ideal for use in commercial buildings, hospitals, schools, manufacturing facilities, and cleanrooms. This meter accurately measures levels of particulate matter, CO2, IAQ health index, air temperature, and relative humidity so you can maintain a healthy work environment. With a 10-inch display, visible and audible alarms, and the ability to store up to 12,000 records, the IAQ320 is a simple and convenient tool for managing indoor air quality.

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Key Features:

  • Simultaneously measure and display key indoor air quality parameters (PM2.5, CO2, air temperature relative humidity, and IAQ health index).
  • Easily read air quality values from a distance on the 10-inch LED display.
  • Programmable data sampling rate, with high/low limits coupled with visual and audible alarm indicators.
  • Tri-color LED bars clearly show you the condition of PM2.5 and CO2 levels indicating safe (green), warning (yellow), and alarm (red).
  • Store up to 12,000 records that can easily be exported in CSV format for reporting and documentation needs.

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Extech IAQ320
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