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CYBERSCOPE - World's first handheld cyber security tool

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CyberScope provides thorough detection of Wi-Fi access points and connected devices across 96 channels, helping to pinpoint potential vulnerability points. Additionally, it includes AutoTest, a standardized tool accessible to technicians of varying expertise levels, enabling them to conduct segmentation and provisioning analysis from any point within the network.

With four features that are in the NetAlly Cyberscope:

1. DISCOVER Features

  • Discovery scanning with integrated Nmap
  • Extended/Excluded Discovery ranges
  • AutoTest
  • Sort, Filter, Search

CyberScope classifies devices and manufacturers, uses on-device sorting and filtering to detect outliers, inspects switch ports, enforces VLAN segmentation, captures VLAN traffic, and verifies network segmentation for both wired and Wi-Fi access, yielding clear pass/fail results.

2. IDENTIFY Features
  • Authorized device list
  • Sort/Filter
  • Free-string search
  • VLAN Identification
  • Device tagging
  • Ping, capture, browse

Path analysis is critical to understand how devices are interconnected. CyberScope provides complete port by port details of the network path – both wired and wireless – to any device. The companion Link-Live collaboration, reporting and analysis platform lets you generate up-to-the-minute accurate topology maps to visualize connections.

LOCATE Features
  • Path Analysis
  • Port/VLAN identification
  • AP, client, BT/BLE device surveys
  • Topology mapping
  • Directional antenna / signal strength tracking
  • Connection technology identification (link type/speed, frequency/band/channel)

CyberScope's interface utilizes Nmap for effective vulnerability detection on all network-connected devices, offering Wi-Fi analysis, including channel, AP, SSID, BSSID, and client assessment, and optional spectrum analysis to prevent signal leaks and enhance security.

4. ANALYZE Features

  • Nmap Endpoint Vulnerability Assessment
  • Real-time Wi-Fi analytics
  • AirMapper site survey device and signal heatmaps
  • AutoTest connection, segmentation, and endpoint analysis
  • UDP/TCP port scans, OS and services identification
  • Topology Mapping
  • Tabular data analysis
  • Packet capture

After sharing more of the above information, here are 3 reasons why you should choose NetAlly Cyberscope!

  1. SimplicitySimple, fast AutoTest makes novices more productive and experts more efficient. Intuitive user interface allows more people to effectively use advanced technologies (Nmap)

  2. VisibilityWith its ability to uncover hidden issues, accelerate comprehension through visualization, and consolidate multiple functions for quicker solutions, CyberScope offers unique advantages.

  3. CollaborationFacilitating collaboration, automated documentation, and easy report generation in CyberScope expedite incident resolution, and help to save time.
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