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NetAlly CYBERSCOPE Handheld Cyber Security Analyzer


Comprehensive site security assessment, analysis & reporting in ONE powerful, portable tool

Complete visibility. It’s what you need but despite all the resources you have, there are still gaps. Ensuring the security of your sites is of utmost importance, but requires regular, thorough site assessments to validate network configurations and segmentation, find rogue devices, and identify endpoint vulnerabilities.

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CyberScope is unique because it offers comprehensive site security assessment, analysis and reporting from a single, powerful, portable tool. As a ruggedized, purpose-built security solution, CyberScope eliminates the use of fragile laptops and tablets. With multiple functions, it provides fast, actionable insights on-prem into your site networks, filling the critical visibility gaps that other cybersecurity tools do not address.

Complete network visibility – On-site or remote

Network engineers and security specialists can use CyberScope to quickly identify every Ethernet, Wi-Fi, and BT/BLE device on your site network, pinpoint exactly where it is connected, and instantly determine if it is friend or foe. When SecOps teams are short-staffed, CyberScope extends their reach and improves cybersecurity. You get easy remote access and secure data collection, sharing and analysis in Link-Live™, NetAlly’s secure collaboration, analysis and reporting platform.

Site Assessments Simplified

Know your network – every device – on the wire or in the air. From the discovery of the infrastructure and every endpoint, quickly identify and classify each element. On-device sorting and filtering makes it easy to identify outliers. Then, verify proper segmentation of both wired and Wi-Fi networks at the point of access with a clear pass/fail indication. Path analysis provides complete port by port details of the network path to any device – crucial when hunting down unknown or nefarious devices – while RF locating speeds rogue hunting. Up-to-the-minute-accurate topology and heat maps make it easy to visualize device locations. The embedded Nmap analysis engine automatically scans for vulnerabilities on all endpoint devices. Finally, the secure Link-Live collaboration platform documents results for easing sharing within your team.

Key features

• Discovery: Combines scanning and active probing via five different network interfaces using multiple technologies to find and

audit endpoints and network infrastructure elements.

• AutoTest: Validates network connectivity and critical services (e.g., finds rogue DHCP and DNS servers) and others like HTTP/FTP

using the power of Nmap scripting; WiFi analysis for channel, APs, SSIDs, BSSIDs, or clients. AirMapper and spectrum analysis.

• Enables IT staff to effectively isolate critical assets through comprehensive network segmentation analysis (device, function,

department or security requirement); query switch ports for correct provisioning, and capture traffic on suspicious activity for


• Leverages the power of Nmap for endpoint assessment and vulnerabilities to identify threat vectors.

• Multi-technology: Wired Ethernet to line-rate 10 Gbps (copper and fiber), 2.4/5/6 GHz Wi-Fi 6, BT/BLE, RF Spectrum analysis (2.4/5 GHz).

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