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Detect, locate and visualize the unheard and unseen air and gas leaks or sound signature changes in your process with Fluke SV60

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Utilizing an array of advanced sound sensors, the SV600 can be conveniently installed near any equipment or asset, anywhere along the production line, or in locations with limited or hazardous human access. This ensures uninterrupted monitoring of critical areas within your facility.

As a stationary and automated solution, the SV600 seamlessly integrates into your workflow, eliminating the requirement for time-consuming fault-finding procedures like using soapy water tests when incorporated into your product leak testing process. Through ongoing environmental monitoring, it enables the swift detection and resolution of air leaks, thereby reducing your consumption of compressed air and energy, ultimately leading to cost savings for your facility.

Did you know?

Fluke's SV600 can be mounted for various continuous acoustic imaging applications – including as a Boston Dynamics Spot® payload. And with the latest firmware 3.3 release for Spot®, the SV600 is fully integrated into the robotic system, making it the perfect partnership of convenience and functionality.

SV600 Payload for Spot® from Boston Dynamics

The SV600 Acoustic Imager can be used as a payload for Spot® from Boston Dynamics. Spot automates sensing and inspection, while the SV600 enables you to continuously detect, locate and visualize the unheard and unseen.

Capture limitless data with Boston Dynamics' remote inspection software, Scout. See the full potential of autonomous robotics for your industrial maintenance needs. Explore the future of maintenance with Fluke Process Instruments and Boston Dynamics.

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