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ThermoView TV30 Stand-Alone Thermal Imager

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Is your business feeling the heat? With the ThermoView TV30 Stand-Alone Thermal Imager, you can detect abnormalities with flexible precision - and without the need for vulnerable computer equipment.
  • Directly integrate into your process without a PC
  • Built to work in the harshest environments
  • Avoid downtime or costly repairs
  • Reduced installation cost and space savings
Thermal imaging is more accessible than ever. With the TV30, you can set up your thermal imaging system without needing a personal computer. You can monitor multiple areas of interest and access onboard analytics of the fixed thermal imager through a web browser.

Our rugged and reliable IP67 housing is built to last, even in the harshest environments. With air purge, water cooling jacket, and other accessories available, you can be sure that your equipment will stand up to whatever is thrown at it.

Key Features:
  • Multiple fieldbus protocols for simple integration Integrating a system is never easy. Without the right tools, it can cost you time, money and frustration. Our fieldbus protocols are designed to make integration with most PLCs simple and cost-effective. OPC UA, and MQTT are all supported by our gateways, so you can avoid needing hardware I/O devices.
  • Accessories to satisfy the most difficult installations Air purge, water cooling, and outdoor enclosures provide added security in the most demanding applications.
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