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Megger Baker WinASTElectric Motor Quality Control System

Megger Baker WinASTElectric

Megger Baker Instruments designs and manufactures electric motor test systems for original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) that help ensure their motors and coils meet or exceed the quality expectations OEMs wish to set with their customers. The Baker WinAST and Baker HV WinAST are semi-custom, fully automated, high-volume electric motor testing units that can test thousands of motors, generators or coils per day, depending upon the size and types of motors, or the testing fixtures used.

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These automated stator testers are used to test AC motors ranging in size from fractional to 5000 hp, as well as DC motors up to about 1500 hp. Manufacturers of motor windings, stators, coils, alternators, and rotors use the Baker WinAST to avoid shipping dead-on-arrival (DOA) motors, or products that prematurely fail or malfunction after being placed in service.

Unlike other volume manufacturing test approaches, this system does not require a master winding to perform routine production tests, nor does an operator need to set test voltages or pass/fail limits when production is switched to another motor model. All test parameters are programmed into a master, “known-good” data file, an operation that can be performed in minutes. When a master file is created, the user is prompted for all necessary information about a given product to be tested, and when complete, the file is permanently stored within the 160 GB of system storage.


Fully automated, full-spectrum quality control testers for motor manufacturers

Built to each customer’s specifications using proven, reliable standard components in a cabinet style rack design

Standard tests include: AC and DC hipot (with micro-arc detection to detect any breakdowns to ground – the only proven method to accurately detect any such faults), surge, inductance, corona and temperature-compensated resistance test capabilities

Rotation-direction test (optional) for testing stators and field coils

Configurable with a range of additional test capabilities

Highly-sensitive computer-controlled testing, analysis and report generation software making testing virtually automatic

Features a Microsoft Windows 7- based application with an intuitive, menu driven user interface

Tests manufacturing processes as well as manufactured products

May be integrated into fully automated lines with automatic fixtures and a PLC (or host computer) communications interface

Designed for many years of rugged industrial use

Recalibration may be done on-site with adjustments to software coefficients via a simple menu (and using ISO procedures)

A high-voltage version of the Baker WinAST – the HV WinAST – is available for conducting tests on low inductance form coils and motor stators of more than 500 kW, or more than 575 V AC.

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Megger Baker WinASTElectric
Megger Baker WinAST
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