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Fluke FEV350 EV Charging Station Analyzer

Fluke FEV350

The FEV350 is a complete solution for safety and performance testing of AC EV charging stations with Type 2 or Type 1 connectors. Designed for technicians required to perform and document multiple tests quickly and efficiently without carrying multiple tools.

Spend less time processing test results and compiling reports with TruTest™ 

  • Easily manage measurement data from EVSE inspections
  • Quickly create inspections and reports
  • Control Pilot waveform analysis with easy pass/fail visuals
  • Compare site data to previous site data to see changes over time
  • Quickly access the latest firmware to update your FEV350
  • Download a free 60-day demo version of TruTest™.
  • Purchase a software key to unlock the Lite or Advanced version.

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The solution includes TruTest EV Charging software module for documentation and reporting. The solution performs the available measurements below in addition to the supporting measurements with Fluke’s compatible multifunction installation testers for installation certification/inspections via wireless Bluetooth connection, wiring configuration diagrams, and info screens for seamless integration with TruTest software for report generation. The Fluke FEV350 provides predetermined test plans and pass/fail indications on measurement results to simplify analysis and time spent testing. The FEV350 EV Charging Station Analyzer is designed in accordance with IEC/EN 61851-1 and IEC/HD 60364-7-722.

Available measurements:

  • PE (protective) earth pre-test to ensure no dangerous voltage is present 
  • Visual Inspection
  • 30 Ma Rcd + 6 Ma Rdc-Dd Trip Test
  • Nominal Voltage + Phase Sequence
  • Auto Control Pilot (Cp) with Waveform Analysis
  • Proximity Pilot
  • Error Testing
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Fluke FEV350
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