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PCE-EVSE 310 Electric Vehicle Wall Box Tester


The electric vehicle EVSE tester is  for VDE 0100 testers to test charging stations (charging mode 3) for electric cars. This adapter can be used with the PCE-ITE 55B installation tester or with most other standard VDE 0100 testers. Thanks to the LEDs for voltage detection on the 3 phases, it can be quickly determined if there is an installation error.

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The PP State rotary switch can be used to simulate the current carrying capacity of the charging cable. The current carrying capacity is simulated with various resistors in the electric vehicle EVSE tester, which are connected between PP and PE conductors. Various vehicle states can be simulated using the CP State rotary switch.

The vehicle states are simulated with different resistors connected between the CP and PE conductors. An external load can be connected to the socket. This output is only intended for measuring purposes and offers the option of checking the function of the electricity meter. The electric vehicle EVSE tester can also be used to simulate a PE fault (earth fault). The electric vehicle EVSE tester is supplied in a device bag. There is also an optional adapter for wallboxes with a type 1 connection.

Key Features:

  • PE pre-test
  • Status of the Proximity Pilot PP and the Control Pilot CP
  • Simulation of CP fault "E" and PE fault
  • Mains socket for measuring purposes
  • Safety measuring sockets
  • Optional adapter to type 1

Test Functions  
PE pre-test yes, with capacitive electrode
PP Simulation open, 13 A, 20 A, 32 A, 63 A
CP Status A, B, C, D
CP error "E" E
PE fault / earth fault Yes
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