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PCE-WVE 100 WiFi Videoscope


The WiFi videoscope with the 4-way camera head is a versatile tool for visual inspection and image capture in hard-to-reach areas. With a flexible cable length of 1 meter, the WiFi videoscope provides the necessary reach to penetrate tight spaces and capture accurate images. The WiFi videoscope's image transmission is done wirelessly via WiFi, allowing easy and convenient connection to iOS and Android devices. 

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Key Features:

  • 4-Way Camera Head
  • Flexible 1 m Cable Length
  • Image Transmission via WiFi
  • iOS and Android App
  • Storage for Image and Video via App
  • 6 Dimmable LEDs on the Camera Head

Using the corresponding app, you can control functions of the WiFi videoscope, view live images, and record videos. This makes inspection and documentation of hard-to-reach areas extremely efficient. The app for the WiFi endoscope also offers the option to store images and videos directly on your mobile device. This facilitates the organization and access to the recordings made with the WiFi videoscope, allowing you to easily share or archive important information.

The camera head of the WiFi videoscope has 6 dimmable LEDs mounted on the device's head. These LEDs provide sufficient illumination in dark or poorly lit environments, allowing you to adjust the light intensity on the WiFi videoscope as needed to ensure optimal image quality. Overall, the WiFi videoscope with the 4-way camera head, its flexibility, wireless connectivity, storage, and lighting options is a useful tool for various applications, such as maintenance, inspection, and diagnosis in areas where conventional cameras cannot reach.

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