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PCE-VM 400B Channel vibration measuring device (4-)


The 4-channel vibration measuring device is a technically advanced instrument for the precise measurement and evaluation of vibrations in industrial applications. It allows vibrations on shafts and bearings to be measured simultaneously via four independent channels. Equipped with high-quality piezo acceleration sensors, even the smallest vibrations can be accurately recorded.

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The 4-channel vibration meter has various measurement functions including acceleration, speed, displacement and rotation speed to cover a wide range of applications. It also offers the possibility of balancing with up to 8 correction levels to balance imbalances in rotating machines. In addition, route measurements can be carried out with the 4-channel vibration measuring device, especially for recurring measurements at identical measuring points. An evaluation according to ISO 10816 “Evaluation of mechanical vibrations” is also possible.

For data transfer and storage, the device is equipped with a USB interface and an internal memory of 4 GB. The 4-channel vibration meter is robustly constructed and protected against dust and moisture to ensure use in demanding industrial environments.

Key Features:

  • 4 channels for measuring and evaluating vibrations
  • Measurement of shafts and bearings
  • reliable piezo acceleration sensors
  • Wide frequency range: 1...25000 Hz
  • Measuring range acceleration: 0.001 ... 200 m/s²
  • Measuring range speed: 0.001 ... 200 mm/s
  • Balancing - up to 8 correction levels
  • Assessment according to ISO 10816
  • USB interface and 4 GB data storage


Measuring range +0.001 m/s² ... +200 m/s²
resolution 0.001 m/s²
accuracy ±5%
Measuring range +0.001 mm/s ... +200 mm/s
resolution 0.001mm/s
accuracy ±5%
Measuring range +0.001 µm ... +2000 µm
resolution 0.001 µm
accuracy ±5%
Speed ​​visually  
Measuring range +10 rpm ... +200000 rpm
resolution 1 rpm
accuracy ±5%
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