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PCE-WAM 10 Hygiene food testing device


The hygiene/food testing device is a mobile measuring device for water activity. Water activity indicates the amount of water that is biologically available to microorganisms such as bacteria, mold or similar. Each type of microorganism has a minimum value for water activity below which growth is no longer possible. The higher the aw value of a food, the more perishable it is. Bacteria usually require a water activity of over 0.98, but significantly lower water activities of up to 0.6 can also be tolerated by extremely halophilic bacteria, for example.

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The hygiene / food testing device has a measuring range of 0.01 aw ... 1 aw with a high accuracy of ±0.03 aw. The measuring attachment is magnetic so that the sample can be measured safely and protected from light. The hygiene/food testing device comes with 3 sample trays with which many foods can be quickly tested for shelf life. In addition, 2 AAA 1.5V batteries are required to operate the hygiene/food testing device. The hygiene/food testing device is used in the food industry, for testing water activity in laboratories, in seed storage and other areas. 

Key Features:

  • Measuring range 0.01 ... 1 aw
  • Resolution 0.01 aw
  • Accuracy ±0.03 aw
  • Backlit LCD display
  • Including sample trays


Water activity  
Measuring range 0.01 aw ... 1 aw
resolution ±0.01 aw
accuracy 0.03 aw
Measuring range 0°C ... 50°C
resolution 0.1°C
accuracy ±1°C
General technical data  
Display type LCD
sensor non-conductive humidity sensor
Battery type AAA battery (1.5V)
Menu language English
Protection class IP20
Weight 244g
Device weight with scope of delivery 930g
Device weight including scope of delivery and outer packaging   980g
Dimensions (L x W x H) 150x68x68mm
Other dimensions Inner diameter of sample shells: 33mm
Operating conditions 0 ... 50 °C, 0 ... 95% RH
Storage conditions 0 ... 50 °C, 0 ... 95% RH
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