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PCE-EMF 30 Gauss Meter


With this gauss meter it is possible to measure magnetic fields up to 999.9 mG directly. At the same time, the gauss meter displays the strength of the magnetic field numerically using an X, Y and Z axis. The gauss meter is a multifunctional 3-in-1 meter for electric fields (EF), magnetic fields (MF) and radio frequency fields (RF). The default mode is EF mode when the gauss meter is turned on. The measured value can be affected by the influence of the electric field of the environment.

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The gauss meter is equipped with a built-in electromagnetic radiation sensor that displays the radiation value on the LCD screen. You can take appropriate precaution or take effective measures against the electromagnetic radiation according to the test result.

Key Features:

  • LCD screen 
  • Average/Peak mode
  • EF/MF/RF test display 
  • Graphic display


Radiation mW/m²  
Measuring range 0,01 ... 1.800 mW/m²
Resolution 0,01 mW/m²
Radiation V/m  
Measuring range 1 ... 1.999 V/m
Resolution 1 V/m
Radiation mG  
Measuring range 0,1 ... 999,9 mG
Resolution 0,1 mG
Radiation µT  
Measuring range 0,01 ... 99,99 µT
Resolution 0,01 µT
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