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Megger SPG5-1000 5-1 KV Fault Locating System

Megger SPG5-1000 5-1

Portable stand-alone cable fault location unit for LV cable installations.

The SPG5-1000-1 is a comprehensive all-in-one-box fault locating solution, tailored for testing, identifying, converting, prelocating, and pinpointing faults in low-voltage cable installations. It effectively handles a wide variety of cable faults: from flashing and non-flashing to high and low resistance, intermittent, main insulation, and sheath faults.

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Prioritising user convenience, the SPG5-1000-1 is fully automated and features an intuitive software interface, eliminating most user interventions known from manual analogue instruments. The controller actuates motorised switches so that the unit auto-adjusts to the correct settings based on user input. Simplifying the operation further, a single “turn and click” rotary knob ensures easy accessibility for users of all experience levels. Utilising the integrated ICEplus method for HV prelocation, the SPG5-1000-1 accurately and precisely locates faults in both unbranched point-to-point low-voltage cables and branched low-voltage networks with T- or Y-joints. ICEplus is a transient prelocation method that evaluates the oscillating current component of a propagating travelling wave which was previously created by capacitor discharge into the cable. Notably, unlike TDR and ARM, this method is unaffected by common issues of attenuation and reflections at T- or Y-junctions, ensuring consistent prelocation regardless of the network’s configuration.


■ Most comprehensive safety features in its class and comparatively lightweight

■ Automation via motorised switches for operating mode selection, execution, and voltage range selection

■ Identification of different fault types: Insulation test up to 5 kV and 250 MΩ

■ DC test (DC hi-pot) up to 5 kV, incl. ramped DC function and automatic voltage breakdown detection

■ Built-in transient prelocation method ICEplus

■ Surging (thumping) at 2/4 kV with 1000 J output

■ Sheath testing and sheath fault pinpointing up to 5 kV DC SPG5-1000-1 Portable stand-alone cable fault location unit for LV cable installations

■ Toolbox philosophy: Identification, prelocation, pinpointing and conversion of faults all in one unit

■ Safety interlocks for monitoring of station earth and touch potentials (F-U), as well as earth connections (F-Ohm)

■ Fully automatic operation of all modes via motorised switching

■ Software-based user interface with single “turn & click” rotary knob control

■ ICEplus transient prelocation method for normal unbranched LV cables as well as for branched LV networks

■ DC test (DC hi-pot) and burning up to 5 kV, surging (thumping) up to 4 kV, delivers 1000 J

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Megger SPG5-1000 5-1
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