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PCE-AM 45 Telescopic Vane Anemometer


Climate meter with Beaufort scale / Wind direction display / Measuring range 0.3 ... 45.0 m/s / 0.9 ... 147 ft/s / Data memory for 960 measured values ​​/ Software for transferring the measured values ​​/ Velocity and volume flow measurement

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The climate meter determines the wind speed via an impeller with a diameter of 65 mm / 2.5". The anemometer can reliably determine the speed in a measuring range of 0.3 ... 45.0 m/s / 0.9 ... 147 ft/s. In addition to the speed measurement with the anemometer, a volume flow measurement can also be carried out. In addition to the normal measured value display on the anemometer, a Beaufort scale is stored. The wind strength level is displayed directly on the Beaufort scale on the anemometer.

Depending on the orientation of the impeller, the climate meter can also be used to determine the wind direction. This is made possible by the anemometer's built-in gyroscope. At the same time, the current ambient temperature between 0 … 45 °C / 32 ... 113 °F is displayed on the anemometer. For optimal alignment, the telescopic arm of the anemometer can be extended up to 315 mm / 12.4".

With the integrated data memory of 960 measured values, individual measured values ​​can be saved on the climate meter at the touch of a button. All measured values ​​can then be transferred to a PC via the micro USB data interface. With the software in the PCE download portal, the values ​​measured by the anemometer can be analyzed and further processed. Live measurement on the PC is also possible with the anemometer and the software.

- Battery operation for mobile use

- Telescopic probe with a length of 270 ... 540 mm / 10.63 … 21.26“

- Impeller opening of 65 mm / 2.5"

- Velocity and volume flow measurement

- Measuring range 0.3 ... 45.0 m/s / 0.9 ... 147 ft/s

- Backlit LC display

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