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Transforming Wind Turbine Inspections with the X750 Videoscope

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In the realm of renewable energy, wind turbines stand tall as modern-day giants. They harness the power of the wind to generate clean electricity. These enormous machines, however, are not invincible to the relentless onslaught of time and the harsh elements. Regular inspections and maintenance are crucial to ensure their continued operation and prevent costly downtime. Traditional methods of wind turbine generator inspections often involve manual techniques that are time-consuming, labor-intensive and pose safety risks.

Introducing the X750 Videoscope

Enter the Mitcorp X750 Videoscope. This portable, high-resolution videoscope comes with cutting-edge imaging technology and delivers exceptional clarity and detail, providing technicians with a detailed view of the generator’s inner workings. Armed with the X750 Videoscope, technicians can navigate the intricate spaces within wind turbine generators, uncovering hidden flaws that could lead to catastrophic failures.

The X750’s slim, flexible design allows it to reach even the most remote corners, casting light on potential issues such as:

Corrosion: Wind turbine generators constantly experience moisture and humidity, making them susceptible to corrosion.

Erosion: The blades of wind turbines are constantly bombarded by sand, dust, and other airborne particles, causing erosion over time.

Cracking: The constant stress and vibration experienced by wind turbine generators can lead to cracking in components.

The X750 Videoscope Empowers Technicians with Knowledge and Confidence

The Mitcorp X750 Videoscope, as a compact, high-definition videoscope comes with cutting-edge imaging technology. At the heart of the X750 Videoscope’s capabilities lies its articulating insertion probe, designed to navigate the intricate spaces within wind turbine generators.

This flexible probe, available in lengths of up to 7 meters, effortlessly maneuvers around obstacles and reaches even the most remote corners, ensuring comprehensive inspections.

The probe’s scratch, water, and chemical-resistant construction ensures durability and resilience in the harsh environments of wind turbines. The X750 Videoscope empowers wind turbine technicians with the ability to perform thorough and accurate inspections.

The high-resolution images, real-time video feed, and advanced imaging features provide a clear and comprehensive view of the generator interior, enabling technicians to make informed decisions about maintenance needs. Complementing the probe’s capabilities is the X750 Videoscope’s advanced imaging features, including advanced image processing algorithms that enhance image quality, providing greater clarity and contrast.

To streamline the inspection process and facilitate data management, the X750 Videoscope incorporates a user-friendly file management system. Technicians can easily capture, store, and organize images and videos, ensuring the preservation of critical inspection data.

X750 Videoscope InspectionX750 Videoscope InspectionX750 Videoscope Inspection

Key Specifications of the Mitcorp X750 Videoscope:

  • Lightweight and ergonomic
  • One-handed operation
  • 5″ LCD touchscreen
  • IP54 protection
  • HDMI / USB Type-C /
  • Wi-Fi connectivity
  • Backside camera with GPS function
  • Controllable via our VideoscopeNow app File management, annotation, and comment functions
  • Compatible with Insight report assist software
  • S-HD images and HD videos (2560*1440 pixels)
  • Various diameters available (3.9mm/ 6mm)
  • Roll-up tubes Various lengths available (up to 7m)
  • IP 67 certified / Scratch-resistant / Heat resistant (100 degree)
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