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GW Instek PLR-Series Low Noise D.C. Power Supply


GW Instek launches the new generation PLR series programmable switching D.C. power supply. The single power output ranges are 360W and 720W. The series comprises 6 models and the voltage ranges are 20V, 36V and 60V.  The PLR series is a hybrid circuit design which incorporates front stage switching and rear stage linear architectures. The unique advantages of this design benefit from the combination of both switching and linear structures. The front stage switching structure can effectively reduce size and weight, and the rear stage linear structure can maintain lower ripple voltage, lower ripple current, and faster transient response.  

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Key features 

  • Output Voltage Rating:20V / 36V / 60V
  • Output Power:360W / 720W
  • Low Ripple and Noise (0.5mVrms/ 10mArms)
  • Fast transition recovery time(100us)
  • Maximum 2 units in series connections or 3 units in parallel connections
  • Select the setting digits for voltage and current(coarse/ fine volume control)
  • Panel Lock Function
  • 3 set of preset function
  • Output off timer function(Range:1 min to 1000 hours & 59mins)
  • CC priority function(prevent overshoot & inrush current)
  • Sequence function of PC editing(Max.: 1000 steps/ Min. step period: 50ms)
  • Protection: OVP, UVP, OCP, remote sensing(Terminal open)
  • External Analog Control Function
  • PC Remote Interface (Standard):RS-232; (Optional) : GPIB / USB / LAN
  • CE Compliance
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