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Power Diagnostix ICMsystem Partial Discharge

ICM System

ICMsystem is part of the Power Diagnostix ICMseries of digital partial discharge detectors. It is usable over a range of frequencies of applied voltage, including power system frequency (50/60 Hz) and VLF (0.1 Hz).

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Partial discharge (PD) measurements are a proven method for effective, nondestructive evaluation of electrical insulation. The Power Diagnostix ICMsystem provides high-resolution digital PD patterns for characterization of defects in high voltage insulation systems.


The key to the versatility of the ICMsystem is its modular design. The ICMsystem can be matched up with a variety of special accessories that adapt it to virtually any high-voltage testing environment. A wide range of external preamplifiers provides control of the frequency range in which PD activity is detected, from 40 kHz up to 2 GHz.

Assorted coupling devices, including quadrupolescoupling capacitors, and current transformers, are available to sense the PD signal in the object under test. Like the other instruments in the ICMseries, the ICMsystem provides effective noise gating that blocks phase-stable noise as well as noise independent of the applied voltage cycle, allowing the ICMsystem to be used in noisy environments without losing significant PD data. Appropriate selection of a preamplifier can assist further in achieving a high signal-to-noise ratio.

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ICM System
Power Diagnostix
ICMsystem Partial Discharge
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