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Fluke Networks SimpliFiber® Pro

SimpliFiber Pro

Fluke Networks' SimpliFiber® Pro Optical Power Meter incorporates new and innovative features to give technicians a tool that performs and reports test results like no otherfirst-line fiber test tool can.

The only way to accurately test and verify the performance of your fiber-optic network is with test equipment designed for the job. The SimpliFiber® Pro Optical Power Meter and Fiber Test Kits is a suite of affordable and easy-to-use fiber verification test solutions. Today's high bandwidth premise networks heavily rely on fiber-optic infrastructure. Proper installation and maintenance of fiber cabling is imperative to improve technician productivity and ensure cabling system performance.

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Key Features:

  • Single-port, simultaneous dual-wavelength feature completes testing in half the time and saves measurements from both wavelengths into one record
  • Additional wavelengths of 1490 and 1625 nm
  • CheckActive™ feature emits an audible tone and displays an icon when a live fiber is detected, eliminating the need to set up a measurement
  • FindFiber™ Remote ID enables one individual to quickly identify cable connections or routings (especially useful at patch panels), eliminating the need for multiple technicians on opposite ends of a fiber link to match color combinations
  • Min/Max capability automates precision tracking of intermittent power fluctuations View More >
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SimpliFiber Pro
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