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Seeed Studio PV-12W Solar Panel, w/ Brackets


A high-efficiency robust 12W solar panel to supply power to various application scenarios such as smart agriculture and smart city.

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Key Features:

  • Mono Cel Solar Cells
  • Working temperate from -20°C to 70°C
  • Peak Power: 12W
  • Durable: suitable for long-term outdoor applications
  • Robustness: the sturdy frame protects the solar panel from deformation
  • Easy installation: comes with a bracket
  • Waterproof aviation connector: save your time to deploy and can be directly connected to data logger


Technical Parameters of Photovoltaic Modules
Solar cell type Monocrystalline silicon
Index Unit Data
Peak power Wp 12
Open circuit voltage(Voc) V 14
Short circuit current (Isc) A 1
Working voltage (Vmppt) V 12
Working current (Imppt) A 1
maximum voltage the system
can withstand
Vdc 1000
Module size mm 350*250*25
Peak power temperature
%/℃ -0.45
Open circuit voltage
temperature coefficient
%/℃ -0.35
Short-circuit current
temperature coefficient
%/℃ 0.05
Operating temperature range -20~70
Maximum wind/snow load Pa 2400/5400
Product Details
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