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PCE-CP 22 pH Meter


The multi-parameter pH meter is a mobile measuring device for liquid analysis. This enables the most varied of measurements to be carried out with the multi-parameter photometer. With this multi-parameter photometer, for example, it is possible to determine alkalinity, chlorine, cyanuric acid or the pH value. In order to carry out a measurement with the multi-parameter photometer, a water sample of 10 ml must be placed in a cuvette. The built-in LED in the multi-parameter photometer generates a test light in the wavelength ranges of 503 nm, 570 nm and 620 nm. A photodiode now recognizes the value to be measured based on the light transmission of the sample. 

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Each measurement is automatically saved by the multi-parameter pH meter. The stored measured values ​​can then be read out, for example, via a mobile device via the Bluetooth interface built into the multi-parameter photometer. A free app is available to analyze the measured values ​​from the multi-parameter photometer. It is also possible to establish a Bluetooth connection between the multi-parameter photometer and a computer. Free software is also available for this, with which the measurement data can be analyzed. As another special feature of the multi-parameter photometer, the measurement data can be uploaded to a cloud using both variants and accessed from anywhere. This service for the multi-parameter photometer is also free of charge.

- Up to 13 selectable parameters
- Bluetooth connection with app
- Exchangeable and lockable cuvette
- 503 nm / 570 nm / 620 nm LED
- Automatic shutdown when inactive
- Many different menu languages
- Light detector: photodiode
- Cuvette: 36 x ø 21 mm / 3.6 x ø 2.1 cm (10 ml)

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