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PCE-DT 50 Tachometer


Hand tachometer up to 99,999 rpm / Automatic mode / MAX / MIN / AVG mode /  Illuminated LCD / Data hold function 

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The pistol gauge PCE-DT 50 in the form of a pistol is ideal for quick control of speeds. This hand-held tachometer measures the rotational speed of moving objects, such as shafts, drives, pinions, etc. The hand tachometer uses a laser that emits light and a receiving diode that detects the light-dark contrast of the reflected light. The hand tachometer measures the speed in the range of 2.5 ... 99,999 rpm (RPM). The speed is shown on the illuminated display of the tachometer. The measuring distance from the hand tachometer is 50 ... 500 mm / 2 ... 19.7 in.

The handheld tachometer has 2 different measuring modes available: a manual measuring mode and an automatic measuring mode. In manual measurement mode, the hand tachometer measures as long as the trigger is pressed. In automatic mode, it is measured until the automatic mode is ended. For further evaluation of the measured values, a MAX, MIN, AVG mode is available in the hand tachometer. This mode automatically determines the maximum, minimum and average readings.

- Measuring range up to 99,999 rpm

- Automatic mode

- MIN / MAX / AVG mode

- LD display with lighting

- Data hold function

- Automatic shutdown

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