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PCE-EM 880 Thermometer

PCE-EM 880

Thermometer with data memory / Export of the saved measurement data as CSV / HCHO / TVOC / temperature / humidity / measuring range 0.00 ... 9.99 mg/m³ / 1500 mAh battery / Mobile and stationary use / Micro USB interface

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The thermometer is equipped with various sensors to determine HCHO, TVOC, ambient temperature and ambient humidity. This means that the air quality meter already covers a wide range of measurement tasks. The measuring range for the TVOC measurement is 0.00 … 9.99 mg/m³. With an accuracy of ±5% of the measuring range for HCHO and TVOC measurement, the air quality meter is the ideal measuring tool for indicative measurements.

Thanks to the built-in 1500 mAh battery, it is possible to operate the thermometer as a mobile device. As soon as the battery is discharged, it can be recharged via the micro USB interface with a 5 V DC power supply.

The thermometer is therefore used, for example, to check the air quality in offices, workshops, school facilities or in logistics to check the premises for volatile organic substances and formaldehyde.

The readings are stored directly on the thermometer. A memory with 5000 measuring points is available for the air quality meter. After a measurement, the readings can be analyzed on the air quality meter. In addition, the readings from the air quality meter can be transferred to a PC. When connecting the air quality meter to a PC, the air quality meter is recognized as a mass data storage device. This has the particular advantage that the air quality meter works independently of the operating system. The measured values ​​are saved in CSV file format by the air quality meter.

- Memory for 5000 measuring points

- Measuring range 0.00 ... 9.99 mg/m³ (TVOC)

- Easy operation by virtual keys

- Battery and mains operation

- Tripod mount for stationary use

- Individually adjustable alarm limits

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PCE-EM 880
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