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PCE-SC 09 Class 1 Sound Level Meter Calibrator


Sound calibrator for mobile use / For various evaluation filters / Accuracy IEC 942, class 1 / For microphones with different dimensions 

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The sound calibrator is a battery powered sound source. With the sound calibrator, direct and fast calibrations of sound level meters and other systems for noise measurement can be carried out. Sound level sensors of 1, ½ and ¼ inch can be connected to the sound calibrator and checked via the adapter attachments. 

The calibration frequency for the sound calibrator is 1000 Hz. This is the reference frequency for the internationally standardized evaluation curves. With this sound calibrator you can calibrate sound measuring devices with weighting filters A, B, C, or D. The calibration pressure for this sound calibrator is 94 ± 0.3 dB (1 Pa) and 114 ± 0.3 dB (10 Pa). Thus, the sound calibrator is used in quality assurance, for example, to test sound level meters or in calibration laboratories.

- Sound pressure level 94 and 114 db

- For weighting filters A, B, C, D

- Ready for immediate use

- Accuracy class 1, IEC 942

- Easy handling

- Adapter for various microphones

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Class I Sound Level Meter Calibrator
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