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PCE-DDM 50 Tension Dynamometer


Mobile Tension Dynamometer / Measuring range up to 50 t /

PEAK hold function / incl. remote display / incl. shackles and transport case

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The tension dynamometer is ideal for carrying out mobile tension measurements such as those made by surveyors. Quality materials are used for the manufacture of the tension dynamometer. Despite the high measuring capacity, these materials enable a compact design with a low weight. The tension dynamometer is supplied with a radio display and two shackles in a transport case.

Interesting functions of the tension dynamometer are the PEAK hold function, summation function and the various units of measurement such as kg / t / lb / N or kN. The tensile dynamometer is only suitable for tensile measurements; other force measuring devices must be used for pressure tests, such as our PCE-FB series force measuring gauges.

- Measurement range up to 50000 kg / 500 kN

- High capacity

- Compact and portable

- Long battery life

- Peak hold function

- Summation function

- Selectable units of measurement: kg / t / lb / N / kN

- Adjustable gravitation range

- Remote control indicator, shackles and carrying case included

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Tension Dynamometer
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