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MSR145 Data Logger for Temperature, Humidity, Air Pressure, Liquid Pressure, Acceleration, Light


multifunctional data logger · large selection of sensors · various battery and housing variants · up to over 1 bn measured values · air cargo approved

With the compact MSR145 mini data logger, you can measure and store up to 5 different measured variables such as temperature, humidity, air or liquid pressure, position/3-axis acceleration and light simultaneously. The MSR145 quality data logger stores over 2 000 000 measured values – with optional microSD card over one billion measured values – and is ideal for long-term measurements.

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Versatile universal data logger for long-term measurements

With the MSR145 you can choose between different housings, battery capacities, sensors and connections. Freely selectable measuring rates of up to 50 measurements per second guarantee complete documentation of fast processes. Depending on the measurement rate setting and the choice of battery, the MSR145 can record data for up to two years.

All measured values can be quickly transferred to a computer via USB interface for data analysis. The user-friendly MSR PC software for data acquisition and analysis is included free of charge with your MSR145 data logger.

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