Radiodetection SuperCAT®4+

Brand: Radiodetection
Model: Super Cat 4+

Utility-specific range for finding CPS protected pipes, sondes, telecom and power cables

Product Information


SuperCAT4+ and T1 are easy to use, utility-specific locating tools with enhanced features for the challenges faced by particular industries. Detect more, reduce utility strikes and improve safety.


Each model has been designed to meet the needs of a specific industry challenge:
SuperCAT4+CPS – find oil and gas pipelines using rectified CPS signals.
SuperCAT4+S – use a range of sondes to find water and drain pipes, and telecom ducts.
SuperCAT4+ – Multi-frequency cable locator with transmitter options for high impedance telecom cables or low impedance power cables.


Locate and protect underground assets
Safe excavation relies on the accurate locating of buried assets.
Failure to accurately identify the presence of utilities may result in damage to underground pipes and cables which, in turn, can lead to utility outages, costly repairs and project delays. In some instances personal injuries can result.


Detect more, reduce utility strikes
Each model of the SuperCAT4+ and T1 range is designed to meet the challenges faced by a specific industry.
For oil and gas pipes using a Cathodic Protection System, the CPS model can locate the rectified signal without attaching an additional transmitter.
The S model locates a range of sonde frequencies that can be matched to the challenges of finding water and drain pipes. A lower frequency sonde is useful to trace deep cast-iron pipes. Higher frequency sondes can be easier to distinguish in an electronically noisy urban environment.

SuperCAT4+ can be used to locate a comprehensive set of active frequencies to support the detection and tracing of different cable types in varied environmental conditions. Higher frequencies such as the 131kHz or 65kHz can be used to find well insulated utilities such as twisted-pair telecom cables or insulated pipe joints. For long range locating of lower resistance cables such as power lines, lower frequency options are available.