Radio detection PCMx Pipeline Current Mapper system

Brand: Radiodetection
Model: PCMx

Optimum precision for easier, faster pipeline surveying

Product Information


One second mapping measurements
With each mapping measurement now only taking one second, survey times are reduced. Integrated GPS ensures each measurement is captured with positional data.


Two surveys in one pass of the pipeline
Conduct both ACCA and ACVG surveys with one pass of the pipeline. PCMx allows you to collect both measurement types simultaneously, reducing survey time and getting results faster.

More information at your fingertips
Radiodetection’s Peak+ technology guides you to your target pipeline quicker while the compass display ensures correct alignment. Simultaneous depth and current measurements give you confidence you are following the correct line.


Faster results
A mobile (Android) companion app allows users to chart results in the field improving on-site analysis. Walk back and walk forward features gets you to your next measurement quicker. An additional PC app offers mproved charting tools.


Improved ergonomics
With a balanced design and lighter weight, (2.2kg, 4.8lb), the receiver is easier to carry over long distances. The convenience of a Li-Ion rechargeable battery pack ensures extended runtime