NOVOTEST T-UD2 Combined Hardness Tester

Brand: Novotest
Model: T-UD2

The device works with both ultrasonic contact impedance (UCI) and dynamic (Leeb) probes.

Product Information


Combined Hardness Tester NOVOTEST T-UD2 is designed for rapid non-destructive hardness testing of :
◦metals and alloys on standardized hardness scales;
◦metals with different properties from steel (for example, non-ferrous metals, alloys, cast iron, etc.) with additional scales for calibration;
◦use the scale of tensile strength (Rm) for determining the tensile strength of carbon steel products pearlitic by automatically converting from Brinell (HB) hardness scale.


Device implements 2 methods of testing: rebound (Leeb) and ultrasonic contact impedance (UCI). The combination of both methods allows user to test all range of metal products.


◦2 removable probes: ultrasonic contact impedance  (UCI) and dynamic, rebound (Leeb)
◦There are no restrictions for hardness testing (by weight, configuration, structure, degree of mechanical and thermal treatment, etc.)
◦To evaluate changes in the hardness of the hardened layer depth articles and the effect of surface stress
◦Wide range of hardness value
◦Convenience and ease in operation
◦Minimum number of imprints
◦Graphical display with backlight
◦Automatic recognition of probe
◦Control of the batteries
◦Extended temperature range (cold-resistant, down to -20 °C)
◦Device has internal memory and allows user to connect with PC
◦New, intuitive menu with tips on the buttons