NOVOTEST AC-4624 Tensile Adhesion Tester

Brand: Novotest
Model: NOVOTEST AC-4624

Pull-off type adhesion tester is designed for measuring of adhesion value of paints and other coatings on base and between layers or cohesive materials.

Product Information


Tensile Adhesion Tester NOVOTEST AC-4624 is manufactured in compliance with EN13144 and ISO4624, ISO16276-1.


The testing with mechanical tensile adhesion tester AC-4624 is performed in the following way. On the testing cover is glued dolly and after that, it is pulled-off with the spring-system of the device. The force which is applied for pulling-off the glued dolly, is displayed in numerical value by the indicator on scale of the device. This value – is the value of adhesion.