Megger DigiPhone + NT set Multi purpose pin-pointer set

Brand: Megger
Model: DigiPhone + NT

Top acoustic properties, modern design, and easy operation make the digiPHONE+ the perfect device for cable fault pinpointing.

Product Information


With new developments in cable fault location and pinpointing, SebaKMT is continuously striving to offer customers time-saving and cost-effective solutions.

To meet the requirements, SebaKMT combined the two systems digiPHONE+ and ESG NT in one device:

The digiPHONE+ NT Set

The acousto-magnetic cable fault pinpointing and step voltage pinpointing of cable sheath faults can thus be done easily, quickly, and reliably.

The operating mode switches automatically, by identifying the selected sensor.



  •   Perfect acoustic quality and noise immunity
  •   Automatic filtration of interfering signals
  •   Automatic zero calibration, no adjustments necessary
  •   History mode