HOBO U12-015 Stainless Temperature (4,900 ft.) Data Logger

Brand: Onset Hobo
Model: U12-015

The HOBO U12 Stainless Temperature Data Logger is ideal for food, pharmaceutical, autoclave, and other applications where high-accuracy temperature data is critical.

Product Information





With its broad temperature range (-40 to 125C) and food-grade stainless steel housing, the U12 Stainless Temperature Data Logger withstands process conditions from pasteurization to flash freezing and washdown. The U12 Stainless is also ideal for high-temperature or deep underwater applications.


Highlighted Features
Food-grade 316 Series Stainless Steel
High-accuracy, extended temperature range
Suitable for high pressure applications to 2200psi
Fast readout via direct USB interface
Compatible with HOBOware and HOBOware Pro for logger setup, graphing and analysis

In what environment does this data logger operate?
This data logger operates in indoor, outdoor and underwater environments.


What measurements does this data logger support?
The U12-015 data logger supports the following measurement: Temperature